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We use cookies to make our site more interesting to you, provide more relevant ads, and enable you to share information from the site on social networks. In addition, we need cookies to analyze the traffic of our platform. We transfer information about your actions on the site to our partners —advertising and analytical services.

  • We keep information about the number of your visits to the site and the date of the last visit to improve the provided services.
  • We store your favorite location to give you faster access to weather information there.
  • We save the settings you have chosen for temperature, pressure, and wind speed units to make it easier for you to use our service.
  • Some projects of other companies, such as Facebook and Google, may know that you have visited this site, provided that you use their services. We cannot manage their settings for saving this information, but we doubt that this can harm you in any way.
  • We do not provide any information about you to third parties or organizations unless sharing such information is aimed at improving the services we deliver.

This is a brief overview of the main points of our policy.

Measurement and analysis of user behavior

We analyze all visits to our website using Google Analytics, Gemius, and LiveInternet. The transferred information includes data about pages you view, time spent on them, and how you get to these pages, as well as some information about the specifications of your device: the version and type of the operating system and the browser you use, extensions installed in the browser (Flash and similar solutions), and other basic information. All data collected in this way is completely anonymous, and we can in no way identify you as an individual based on it.

The information collected in this way allows us to improve our services and understand what generates more interest in users and how visitors get to our resources. Again, our purpose for collecting such information is to improve the site and the services provided.

You can learn more about analysis tools by following the links:

Social services and their functions on our website

We have installed Facebook social features on the site for you to share links to it with your friends, mark it as your favorite by pressing the "like" button, and leave comments about our site on the social network. Facebook may tell you that "X of your friends liked this site." We cannot access this information and have no control over it.

Advertising on the website

We are a small company that relies on the money earned on our own. The main form of monetization involves advertisements displayed on the pages of the site and in our applications. We value and respect the interests and desires of our users; therefore, we strive to ensure the best quality of the services provided and carefully select advertising partners. However, we cannot be held responsible for every ad displayed on systems such as Google Ad Manager, Google Ad Exchange, Google AdSense, RTB House, Criteo, Adriver, and other contextual or display advertising networks. If, while using our site, you find an advertisement that you consider inappropriate, please report this to the company displaying the advertisement. If the company cannot be identified, we are always open to such complaints and will take all possible measures to resolve the situation. Please send an email to us at [email protected].

Please click through the following links to learn more about the information collected by our partners and used by advertising systems:

Updates to this privacy policy

We update this policy from time to time. This usually happens when the technologies used are updated and when we receive comments from lawyers or our users. You can always find the latest version of our privacy policy on this page.

How Meteorologist uses cookies

A cookie file is data sent to a browser by a site you have visited. It helps the site become more user-friendly by “recognizing” you during the next visit, for example, by using the language you prefer. The Meteorologist website uses these files for various purposes. For example, they store the settings for temperature, pressure, and wind speed units. In addition, they help show the most relevant advertisements for you and count the number of page visits.

Managing cookies in a browser

Modern browsers provide the opportunity to manage cookies, as some users prefer not to use them. Some browsers have advanced settings, allowing you to save the rules for creating cookies for each site. For example, you can permit this action only to trusted sites.

Do you have any questions?

Please send all questions regarding this policy to the email address: [email protected].